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Azure Stack

Embark on a Digital Transformation and keep your business
up to date with the most powerful hybrid cloud platform!

Full Data Center services available anywhere in the world at one click away

We strive to connect people, information and ideas around the world by providing the world's best telecommunication and data center services.

Virtual Servers

VM Ware virtualization platform based on a CISCO UCS with fast HPE 3PAR Storage offers the best value for the most demanding computing requirments. No need to invest in fast-depreciating “metal servers”.

DevOps Automation

Seamlessly migrate any application to Azure Stack


Simplify and speed the DevOps process with Azure Stack DevOps solution. Has build in all the best practices of cloud platforms so that you won’t need a expert or sysadmin trained or certified on Azure Stack to get the things done. When infrastructure can be changed, deployed, and replicated rapidly, you empower business to deliver software more effectively. Logicworks’ extensive experience in configuration management, infrastructure automation, containers and CI/CD help you build infrastructure that can adapt at the speed of business.

Automatically sets up and configures Azure Stack components for you as well as it simplifies the deployment process. Intelligent and secure solution for apps migration to Azure Stack Cloud Platform. Timesaving server configuration, powerful customization, and security by design.


Why use Azure Stack – Bunnyshell cloud based deployment DevOps

  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need of an Azure Stack architects giving you time to focus on your own projects.
  • Brings DevOps in a fast-lightning cycle of go lives with rollback features
  • Maintains a full spectrum of server applications, development stacks and infrastructure applications.
  • The automatization of the process allows building architectures accordingto the best practices.
  • Bunnyshell is easy to use even for teams that have no experience in cloud infrastructure

Available in Romania through Binbox's Azure Stack only

  • Automatically creates deployment environment with all dependencies
  • All data remains in your control thru encryption at your own terms
  • No need for architects or sysadmins experts
  • Automate provisioning and configuration of VMs
  • User/groups/permissions, setup firewall, setup SSH configurations
  • Installing required packages & configure services
  • Multiple applications on same server/VM
  • Deployment versioning, Rollbacks, Supports hooks
  • Automatic rollback on fail, VMs AutoStart can be automatized