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MultiCloud Platform

The only MultiCloud platform hosted in Romania (Azure, VM Ware, KVM)

Binbox Locations

Bucharest, Ploiesti, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Amsterdam, London, New York, Chicago, Freemont


Embark on a Digital Transformation and keep your business
up to date with the most powerful hybrid cloud platform!

Full Data Center services available anywhere in the world at one click away

We strive to connect people, information and ideas around the world by providing the world's best telecommunication and data center services.

Virtual Servers

VM Ware virtualization platform based on a CISCO UCS with fast HPE 3PAR Storage offers the best value for the most demanding computing requirments. No need to invest in fast-depreciating “metal servers”.

Microsoft Direct CSP

Following our aim to become the first option for businesses looking for business continuity and digital transformation improvements as the next necessary step to economic growth, we looked to prove ourselves with capabilities like handling support and cloud expertise. We partnered with Microsoft in an end-to-end relationship through the CSP opportunity to provide our clients with state-of-the-art services.

We strive to connect people, information and ideas from around the world, and, as a Microsoft CSP Direct Partner (Tier 1) we can deliver you bespoke solutions to nowadays tech challenges, based on the most stringent standards. We invested in reliable proprietary infrastructure, and therefore when new improvements, changes, or issues show up arise, there’s no need for escalation to a distributor. We can directly manage the situation

As a Direct Cloud Service Provider, we are your prime point of contact for technical and commercial matters and we can provide you with a various range of Microsoft solutions as in Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure. For more information about which offers are available, contact us by filling the form below or write to us at [email protected]

The Advantages of Working with Binbox as a Microsoft Direct CSP


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