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Embark on a digital transformation with Microsoft Azure solutions from Binbox, to anticipate growth opportunities and the lightning-fast technology evolution.

Why Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) leader, supporting over 200 pre-configured services you can engage to outsource your mainframe and to develop applications and solutions, tailored to your business needs. Azure’s complex architecture and pay-as-you-go pricing model were mastered to provide efficiency, availability, elasticity, cybersecurity, mobility and productivity to businesses of all sizes. Worldwide businesses acknowledged Microsoft Azure over AWS as the most affordable and trusted hybrid infrastructure and cloud solution for the corporate environment.

85% of worldwide enterprises...

85% of worldwide enterprises successfully keep sensitive data in the cloud (based on Vormetric Data Threat Report)

More than 95% of the Fortune 500...

More than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies adopted Azure (according to Microsoft)

234,731 companies embraced...

234,731 companies embraced shifted to Microsoft Azure since 2015 (according to iDataLabs)

When to migrate to Microsoft Azure


You are facing challenges in optimizing the operational costs while maintaining productivity and focus on growth.
You need an always-on infrastructure able to continue operating properly even when one or more of its components fails and count on a reliable disaster recovery system.
Your business is sustained by a widely distributed team and you are facing productivity and collaboration challenges.
Your on-premise infrastructure no longer meets the tech standards of the enterprise system and you need a massive upgrade .
You need to expand your business to other locations but the associated resources and lack control raise serious challenges.


The elastic pay-as-you-go pricing model of Azure solutions can help you make room for growth once by eliminating CAPEX and optimizing OPEX to enhance the success of the IT processes.
Microsoft Azure’s architecture has high fault tolerance , keeping your virtual infrastructure continuously available . This is possible due to a robust disaster recovery system based on data replication and load balancing across regions, continuous data health monitoring, regular granular backup and restore options.
Microsoft Azure integrates a comprehensive set of business solutions we can configure for your employees to access the apps and data they need via the Internet, from anywhere, anytime.
Lift and shift your mainframe to Azure IaaS From here, you can scale on-the-fly, in both directions, according to your business needs. Upsize or downsize your virtual infrastructure considering CPU, RAM, and storage volume.
Our Azure dedicated engineers will set up a multinational infrastructure for you, in Microsoft Azure. Like this, you can collaborate anytime with teams distributed worldwide while keeping compliance and data security.

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Microsoft Azure Benefits


Shifting your infrastructure to Azure leaves more room for growth. Reduce or even eliminate the precious capital investments (CAPEX) into IT infrastructure and operationalise the costs with the pay as you go pricing model, and enhance the cashflow of your organisation.


Azure’s complex architecture gives you the advantage to scale in or out, by resizing the server’s specs to match your business application’s needs and pay as you go.



You and your team can now have access to your workloads and data from anywhere, anytime and from any device, thanks to Azure Marketplace services for seamless deployment of business apps.


Focus your efforts on growth with a modern, always-on virtual infrastructure, thanks to Microsoft Azure’s high fault tolerance providing continuous performance despite temporary load functions or failure in services, hardware or datacentre.


Your workloads and data are completely safe in Azure thanks to multi-layered security and bespoke built-in controls tailored by over 3000 cybersecurity professionals across the globe, to protect identity, sensitive data, and applications.


Keep up with the business values and focus on growth by dramatically reducing the time spent on developing and deploying business applications through Azure Marketplace. Connect your teams all around the world and collaborate to hit your objectives!

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Microsoft Azure solutions offered by Binbox

Lift & Shift - Keeping Up with the Business

Businesses seek to maximize the value of data through superior data sharing and business system integration, among other goals. The cloud is an essential vehicle in that quest. For many applications and data, starting fresh in the cloud or moving data to the cloud is the right approach. Lift-and-shift is efficient especially when the mainframe is completely autonomous of the hardware supporting it, since it allows more flexibility in refactoring, revising, and rebuilding.
Microsoft 365 - Productivity at your fingertips

Keep your business fruitful with Microsoft 365 subscription-based service that meets all your reliability and security needs. Stay flexible, and meet the most stringent collaboration requirements, through a complex suite of applications that can be implemented with just a few clicks. Microsoft 365 it’s available on any device and includes the full Microsoft Office 365 suite, but also an extra set of business productivity tools, accessible from anywhere.